Santak Group is a manufacturing and trading group of companies with 2 divisions i.e. the Precision Engineering Division and the Trading and Distribution Division structured under the holding company, Santak Holdings Limited, a limited liability company incorporated in Singapore and listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST").

The Precision Engineering Division ’s main business is in the manufacture of precision machined components specially tailored to meet our customer ’s requirements. Its clientele include multi-national companies and other main contract manufacturers. Its products are mainly used in hard-disk drive, fibre optics connectors, oil & gas equipment, consumer electronic devices, telecommunication devices, mobile phones, optical instrument devices, medical equipment, connectors/contacts as well as computer peripherals.

The Trading and Distribution Division specialises in sourcing and supplying custom-made electronic, electrical and mechanical components/products. It acts as a representative for suppliers in the Asian region and facilitate the supply of these components/ products based on the specifications of customers. Its focus is on OEM assembly of card readers, contactless smartcards, security/access control systems, die-cast & machined parts, metal enclosures and stamped parts, heatsinks, solenoids and coils.

The Group ’s customer base spans across Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Europe, China, India etc. Strategic investments have been made in high precision and automated production machinery in addition to the training and development of the Group ’s workforce. On-going marketing efforts are supported by manufacturing and engineering expertise, built up over the past 42 years.

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