Headquartered in Singapore, we have production facilities located in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, our facility has a built-up area of more than 4,000m² (43,500 ft²).

With our investment in high precision and automated production equipment, we are well positioned to produce precision machined components of high complexity, stringent tolerances, high yields, very large volumes and quick turn-around times.

Our core capabilities and activities are :
Machining Turning
Die-Casting Assembly
Mould / fixtures design and Fabrication    

The products we manufacture are used in a wide myriad of products that include:
Hard Disk Drives Wireless Communication Devices
Fiber Optics Connectors / Transceivers Consumer Electronic Devices
Optical Instruments Connectors, Pins and Spacers
Medical Equipments Hand-held PDAs
Mobile Phones Computer Peripherals

Santak's edge lies in its use of advanced technology coupled with continued investment in automated high precision machines as well as training and upgrading of our human resource. These have dramatically improved our quality and service performance.

Attesting to the group's belief in "doing it right; first time and every time" and in providing innovative solutions, Santak has in place a comprehensive quality management program at every stage in its manufacturing processes. Our stringent processes and documentation control has earned the accreditation of ISO 9001:2000 certification. Regular internal and external audit ensure that these systems and policies are firmly adhered to at every stage of our processes.

In Santak, the manufacturing processes are designed to achieve the highest yields, productivity and efficiency. Our commitment to producing high-quality complex parts in very large volumes is demonstrated by our large fleet of more than 280 CNC and cam-operated machines.

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